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Commercial Truck Safety & Compliance

When you need a safety or compliance question answered immediately, ask Eddie Gray!

We hired one of the top experts in compliance and safety, Eddie Gray. He not only talks the talk, he has walked in your shoes. He doesn’t just know the regulations, he helped write them. Even fleets with full-time safety directors occasionally need help keeping up with the ever-changing jungle of compliance rules, regulations and enforcement.

As a driver, a trucking company owner, a compliance officer and the head enforcement officer for the North Carolina State Patrol, Eddie Gray has seen it all and from every possible angle. Who better to get your questions on compliance answered? Benton & Parker has partnered with Eddie’s consulting firm, GGRG, Inc., to provide or clients with up to the minute updates on both safety and compliance. Hit the link below to get more background and contact information on Captain Eddie Gray. See how he can move your trucking company to the next level of Safety and Compliance. The call is free, make it today!

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