What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Benton & Parker to your company.  During our to years as a customer, Liquid Box Inc. could not ask for more support and dedication to our company than what is received from Benton & Parker.

Thomas Louie, a hardworking, dependable, and accessible individual, is our agent.  He continues to stop in for friendly visits to make sure that all of our needs are met.  Thomas keeps Liquid Box Inc. up to date on safety topics and informs of any changes that affects our company.  We are proud to say that Thomas “takes care of our company”.

Benton & Parker hosts various training seminars that keep companies like Liquid Box Inc. informed of various aspects of the trucking industry.  We were introduced to Larry Schenk from Benton & Parker at a seminar covering CSA and Compliance with FMCSA.  Larry helped us to better understand changes and what our company needed to be compliant.  Larry is very thorough and knowledgeable of the trucking industry.

In addition to seminars, Larry also instructs our quarterly safety meeting.  He provides detailed presentations that help our drivers understand the importance of “doing the right thing”.

We recommend Benton & Parker, our agent Thomas Louie, and Larry Schenk with enthusiasm and will continue to work with each of them in the future.

Michele Adams

Vice-President, Liquid Box, Inc.

Our company just completed a DOT audit last week.  I want to thank you and Benton and Parker for the role you played in helping or company receive a satisfactory rating and no fines.

Our insurance renewal was July 28th, 2010 and we decided to go with your company Benton Parker.  We really appreciated the way you had us a quote several weeks before our renewal date.  Once we had accepted your quote you encouraged us to have a mock audit done to help prepare us in case of an actual audit.

Benton and Parker even had a consultant that would come in and do this audit at no cost to us.  We thought everything would check out great.  To our surprise we had some issues with driver logs and our files.  We immediately scheduled a safety meeting with our drivers and hired someone to help check our logs and update our files.

On Friday September 10th we received a call from the South Carolina State Transport Police that they would be here on Tuesday September 14th and Wednesday September 15th to conduct a DOT audit.

Thomas, we really appreciate the way you dropped everything to help us.  I called Friday afternoon and told you about the audit and to request some documents.  To my surprise you arrived at our office at 4:50 P.M. Friday with the documents. Talk about customer service!  Thanks again for all you have done.  Benton Parker is very fortunate to have someone like you.  We truly wish you great success in the future and look forward to having a long-term relationship with you and Benton Parker.

David Olive

Vice President, Operations, Fast-Tek Express LLC

Crane Transport Inc. has been affiliated with Benton & Parker for the past 10 years.  They have always been a pleasure to deal with.  Their customer service and follow up is excellent.  All of their employees are very professional and courteous.

It has been very rewarding in having the same insurance agent to work with for the past ten years.  Our agent for Benton & Parker has always been Cindy Latta.  She is dedicated to the well being of our company. Cindy works tirelessly every year in reducing our insurance premiums. Due to her hard work, she has been able to reduce our premium over the past 5 years.

We would recommend Cindy and her whole group from Benton & Parker to any company in the transportation industry.  They have built a trusting relationship with our company that cannot be broken.  Benton & Parkers’ focus has always been on our company and we could not imagine having anyone else as our insurance company.

Danny Crane

Crane Transport, Inc.

In 2001, David Benton literally saved my company from parking the trucks and closing the doors for lack of insurance.  I have a very small trucking company and after a serious accident and, due to the lack of communication of my agent with my insurance company, the insurance company canceled me.  My then agent said “Sorry, I can’t find a replacement insurer.”  David spent hours on the phone with me, gathering information and came up with an insurer before the end of the day.  I have had many extended conversations with David over the ensuing years, and have always come away reassured, wiser, and feeling good about what I am doing.

I have never, ever called the offices of Benton & Parker and not found the help or information that I needed – whether it be a random phone number that I needed or a certificate of insurance worded just so and faxed to a particular office;  and whether I talk to my agent or anyone else in the office.

My needs are assessed annually and the very best and most economical policies are recommended.  With Benton and Parker’s guidance and understanding of the system, I have saved many thousands of dollars over the years – over $13,000.00 alone on my worker’s comp. policy this year! – and I am a very small company.

A couple of years ago, Benton and Parker initiated an ‘online certification’ that is so user friendly and time saving.  I love it!  Certificates of insurance are available to me 24/7.

Benton and Parker have always offered a choice of payment plans to fit my needs at different times – online payments, monthly payments, and one payment discounts are always available.

Rose M. Parlus

RoCa, Ltd

Timmy’s Hauling Service, LLC has been affiliated with Benton and Parker for seven years and could not be more satisfied. They are very professional, dependable, and dedicated to our company’s needs. They keep us informed on changes with safety and work diligently to keep our costs as low as possible. We love the online COI’s and professional but family like service.

We recommend Benton and Parker as a reliable and trustworthy insurance agency.

Thank you, Thomas and Kristin, for all your hard work. We look forward too many more years of working together.

Timmy, Tricia, and Louisa

Timmy’s Hauling Service, LLC